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Modernize Your Home Décor with the Moodo Smart Diffuser

By Alex Bracetti

Consumers often look to art, furniture, and tech gadgets to modernize their home décor. Yes, a Basquiat painting and a ginormous 4K HDTV will add plenty of vibrance to your living space, maybe even earn you cool points from Martha Stewart.

However, when decorating your home, bigger does not always equal better and can often make tiny spaces feel claustrophobic. You want something small that not only blends in with your home décor, but also complements it in more ways than appearance alone. The Moodo fills that void.

This smart home diffuser is compact, sits beautifully on any surface, and doesn’t draw too much attention – until you smell it. The Moodo is designed to release scents for up to 600 square feet and makes a neater solution for your household than multitudes of Yankee Candles on your mantle. Both color options (Black or White) have an attractive matte finish that add to the machine’s chic appearance.

More interestingly, the Moodo integrates with other smart home devices to enhance the ambiance of your home. Want to turn on the house lights and increase the scent strength when walking through the front door? You can do that, along with numerous other automated tasks through the Moodo app, voice commands (Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa) or IFTTT applets.

To give you a better idea of how effective the Moodo is as a decorative home accessory, we’ve listed some ideal areas around the house where the diffuser fits perfectly, along with Moodo scents that you’ll want filling each room.

Your Living Room Semi-Centerpiece

Recommended scent pack: Limited Edition

Whether placed atop any coffee table or entertainment center, the Moodo is a nose-catcher that makes its presence felt by impressing your olfactory sense. A striking scent is enough to catch guests (maybe even your spouse) by surprise and lure them into the living room area. Moodo’s Limited Edition scent pack will do just that, bundled with for of the brand’s most popular scents to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

A Botanical Complement to Your Shelf

Recommended scent pack: The Gardens of Kanazawa

Plants normally make great shelf decorations and help improve both the air quality and smell of your place. They also require lots of maintenance. The Moodo is an eco-friendly alternative that can glamorize any shelf and keep the house smelling botanical. Look no further than The Gardens of Kanazawa pack to release garden-themed smells throughout your favorite rooms.

The Bedroom Booster

Recommended scent pack: Oriental Delights

Replace that boring digital alarm clock with something much sexier, like the Moodo. The machine looks sleek on any nightstand and acts as an aromatherapy device that disperses scents to produce stimulating effects. The Oriental Delights pack is a go-to for lovers who want to spice up their romance; the Midnight Thrill capsule features a musk that can only be described as a “wonderful aphrodisiac.”

Culinary Panache

Recommended scent pack: Fresh Vibrations

A fruit bowl or knife block can add only so much flair to your kitchen countertop or island. This smart diffuser is a more unique and contemporary decoration with the ability to augment one’s cooking skills through the power of scent. Every capsule in the Fresh Vibrations pack is loaded with fruity and herbal notes sure to inspire creative cocktails and dinner recipes.

A Lavatory Resort

Recommended scent pack: Ashram Spa

Who said you needed a jacuzzi or sauna to transform your bathroom into a spa-esque environment? The Moodo won’t just provide your bathroom with a touch of elegance – it can serve as a fragrant masseuse that relieves the mind and body of unwanted stress. Whether soaking in the tub or trying to maintain a steady hand during close shaves, the Ashram Spa offers plenty of soothing aromas to relax and heal the body with some well-deserved TLC.