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Check out these 5 new Moodo app features!

We’ve made some adjustments to make Moodo even cooler and easier to use and share:

Sharing your Moodo device
Want your partner or friend to also have control of your Moodo device? Now it’s easy!
Just choose the device you want to share (you can find it on “my account” > “my devices”) and click the “Share Device” button to send a message that will grant them access.

Share your favorite scents
You’ve created a wonderful new fragrance and want to share it with friends who also have Moodo? Once the fragrance is saved to your favorites, click the “share fragrance” icon to send a message with the link to a friend.

Match a scent to your schedule
Want to go to sleep with “Santa Fe Intimes” and wake up to a “Tasty Snug”? The schedule feature now allows you to match a specific favorite fragrance to each scheduled timer, so your house will smell right, every time 🙂

A brand new “Interval” feature
This feature adds efficiency to your Moodo. In the schedule tab, you will now find the Interval mode. When turned on, it will turn Moodo on and off automatically, allowing consistent and more efficient dispersion of the fragrance in your space.
You can choose the level of efficiency you prefer, out of three different “interval” modes, each offering a different on/off time lag.
Now you can just turn Moodo on, and be sure it works in a way that best suits your space!

Improved real-time response of the app
The user experience has been improved when controlling the Moodo device from several smartphones.

Thanks for your important feedback!