Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser


  • Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser: Moodo is a smart & stylish counter-top aroma diffuser, suitable for use in the living-room, bedrooms, kitchen, once and more.

  • Power Cord: Moodo smart aroma diffuser is supplied with a power cord; US or EU power cords available. UK power cord also available upon request.

  • A FREE Complementary pack (pack of 4 capsules) is included to start you of with each diffuser purchase.

  • Optional built-in rechargeable battery: With the factory-installed rechargeable battery, Moodo can operate for up to 7 hours without being plugged-in to a power source; Battery re-charge time is ~4 hours

  • Room Area Coverage: 600 sqft / 60 sqm

  • Fragrance Capsules Duration: 60 continuous hours (FAQs)

  • Product Size: Height: 4 inch/10 cm | Width & Length: 4.9 inch /12.5 cm

  • Compatibility: Moodo is compatible with the leading smart home technologies: Amazon Alexa, Siri Shortcuts, Google Assistant and more.


  • The Moodo smart diffuser requires a power source for operation and/or battery re-charge

  • Moodo supports 2.4Ghz (802.11 b/g/n) Wi-Fi network only. The length of the network name and password (if exists) should be up to 22 characters each

  • Moodo is not compatible with some Mesh routers. Please refer to our FAQ for the further instructions.

  • To connect the Moodo diffuser to the Wi-Fi network and use its smart home features, to download the FREE Moodo app, suitable for iOS iPhones and iPads and Android smartphones.


  • Control your home fragrance from anywhere using the FREE Moodo app. Check out our App features video.

  • Easily and instantly change the room fragrance and mix different scents, with the app or with simple smart-home automations.

  • Safe & clean technology of cold-air diffusion: fans with adjustable speeds are used to diffuse the scent from the fragrance capsules.

  • No wax, no oil and no aerosol residues; No gas, no flame and no heat risks.

  • Safe & certified fragrances, within simple-to-use capsules. Safe also for pregnant women, children and domestic pets.

  • Fragrances are alcohol-free and comply with both EU and US fragrance & cosmetics regulations.

  • The high-quality fragrances are made in Grasse, France.

  • Scent capsules are grouped into harmonized Scent Families that produce a pleasant fragrance in any mixing combination.


Find answers to all the frequently asked questions about our products, and more... Couldn’t find an answer to your question? Write to us at [email protected]


Q: Is the Moodo smart home aroma diffuser suitable for all room types?

The Moodo aroma diffuser is intended for indoor use and can be used in all rooms such as the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, office, etc.

Note that Moodo is an electric device and is therefore should not to be used in extremely high humidity environments or near water splashes.

Q: Is the Moodo diffuser effective in all room sizes? What room area will the fragrance cover?

When used at maximal intensity Moodo covers an area of 600 sqft / 60 sqm.

Q: What should I do if I need a different power cord compared to what you supply?

Moodo is supplied with a US or EU power cord. We also supply a UK power cord by special request to [email protected]. If you have a different type of power socket, you should acquire a suitable power adapter to make the connection between the US/EU/UK cord supplied with your Moodo and your local power socket.

Q: How long does the battery last for? How long does it take to re-charge the battery?

The built-in rechargeable battery will allow the Moodo smart home aroma diffuser to operate for up to 7 hours without being plugged-in to a power source.

Battery re-charge time is ~4 hours. The device can still be operated while the battery is charging.

Q: Can I use regular batteries in the Moodo aroma diffuser? Can I replace the battery in the device? Can I buy the battery separately?

To use your Moodo cordless, without being plugged-in to a power source, you need to order a Moodo with rechargeable battery.

Moodo's rechargeable battery is installed into the diffuser in our factory and is an integral part of the diffuser. Thus it is not possible to add a battery.


Q: Is it safe to keep my Moodo aroma diffuser plugged in?

It is perfectly safe to keep your Moodo device plugged in at all times.

It is actually a good idea to leave Moodo plugged in whenever possible, because if your moodo is unplugged and runs out of battery it will loose Wi-Fi connection. In this case, the smart-home features such as: control from the Moodo app, scheduled fragrances, IFTTT and smart-home automations will not work. But don’t worry! These features will be back immediately once your Moodo diffuser is connected again to the Wi-Fi network.

Q: Is Moodo safe for pregnant women, for children, for animals?

Absolutely, Moodo fragrances comply with both the EU and US fragrance & cosmetics regulations. All fragrances are safe for adults and children, and are animal friendly.

Shipping & Delivery

Q: Where do you ship to?

We ship to most countries around the world. To see the full list of countries we ship to, click on the circular flag icon on the right part of our website header.

Q: Do you charge for shipping?

Shipping charges depend on local regulations, shipping costs and availability of a local distributor in your country. Therefore shipping costs may vary from one country to another.

for more details, see our shipping policy

Q: When will I receive my order?

We ship up to 5 days from the order date. Once your package ships you will receive an update message to the email you provide at checkout.

for more details, see our shipping policy

Q: How do I know if my Moodo products have been shipped?

Once the goods have been shipped, you will receive a notification email with the courier company name and the package tracking number.

If you purchased the products while logged-in with your Moodo account, you can also receive information on the status of your order in your personal account page.

Q: What should I do if my order hasn’t been delivered yet?

Delivery times are estimated. It can take longer than expected for the package to arrive due to custom clearance procedures in certain countries.

If your estimated delivery date has passed and you haven’t received your package yet, please contact us at [email protected] and make sure to include your order number in your note.

Q: Why do you require a "signature signed" delivery on some of your products?

Moodo products are very desirable and unfortunately we have experienced multiple instances of theft of products that were left at the customers' front door.

To protect our customers and assure that delivery is made safely and on time, we are requiring a "signature signed" delivery for orders that include the Moodo aroma diffuser. This would mean that there must be a person over 18-years' old at the shipping address during couriers' working hours, to accept the package and sign for it.

If you have any questions about delivery options, contact us at: [email protected]


For Connectivity issues or technical questions, please see our Support page.

Smart Home Features

See all of Moodo's smart and advanced features on our Smart Home Automation page

Fragrance Capsules

Q: How long will the scent last for?

Moodo fragrance capsules last for 60 hours when used at full fan speed. Capsules last longer when used at lower fan intensity, for example in small-medium room sizes, or when using Moodo at Interval Mode which offers timing options for efficient fragrancing.

Use the following table to find estimated periods each Moodo fragrance capsule will last under different usage conditions:

Q: How should I store the scent capsules?

Moodo scent capsules should be kept in a temperature below 25°C / 77°F.

You can switch capsules and store partially-used ones. Your open capsules will not lose their scent (at least not more than a fragranced candle loses scent when it is not lighted). If you do so, you may want to store the capsules in a container such as their original box, in order to minimize any loss of scent with time.

Moodo App

Q: How does the Moodo app work?

To start your Moodo experience, you should follow these steps:

  • Download the Moodo app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Follow the quick steps for initial setup to connect your Moodo smart home aroma diffuser to your private Wi-Fi network. See also our Unboxing & onboarding tutorial video.
  • Now you are ready to create your own unique fragrances, create schedules and use all of Moodo's smart features. See our full Moodo features video to learn about everything you can do with the Moodo app.

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