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Hey Siri, Moodo here… right behind you!

Moodo home device aroma
We are proud to announce that the Moodo app is now compatible with Siri Shortcuts Apple recently released Siri Shortcuts: a feature which will help you assign custom “voice phrases” to your regular activities and apps. Moodo is very proud to announce that our app is already compatible with Siri Shortcuts, almost in tandem with Apple’s release. If you have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 12, in addition to controlling your Moodo with the app from anywhere, now you can also tell Siri what you want your Moodo to do and it will happen! “Scent my Livingroom”, “Activate shuffle mode”… Whatever you can do with the Moodo app – you can now tell Siri to do it for you. Another great benefit of Moodo’s Shortcuts for Siri is that you can record your Siri voice phrases, using any words in any language, to initiate a certain Moodo task.

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