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Controlling Moodo with IFTTT to Enhance Your Home’s Atmosphere

By Alex Bracetti

Smart home devices continue to evolve, integrating with one another to create a seamless home automation experience. Bluetooth speakers are communicating with HD TVs, lighting systems with security cameras, and so much more.

New innovations like the Moodo are also following suit, working side by side with automated task services like IFTTT (If This Then That) and other digital assistants to make the home even smarter. This combination of smart tech has introduced a more advanced (and easier) way of making your home a sanctuary for relaxation and recovery, no matter the occasion.

How Moodo works with IFTTT

If you want to create an automation with Moodo, you can get one through IFTTT without any additional financial investment. You can create your own applet or use any ready-to-use applets, such as:

  • Kickstart Moodo at full speed for a few minutes just before you arrive
  • Turn off the Moodo when you leave your home
  • Start Moodo when it’s time to get up
  • Notify via text message when your favorite Moodo turns on

All you need to do is select any of them and follow the simple instructions. During the setup you will be asked to authenticate the Moodo service using your Moodo account credentials, which are the same used in the Moodo app with at least one active Moodo device associated.

Setting up the Moodo with IFTTT

Start by downloading the Moodo app for free at the Google Play and/or App Store and set up your Moodo device(s). Then download the IFTTT app to your mobile and login or signup with IFTTT account.

Once you get inside the IFTTT app, you are ready to create a new automation. If any of existing Moodo applets doesn’t fit your needs, you can create a new one with Moodo as trigger or action.

Here are some of the unique ways you might want to use Moodo in your smart home ecosystem to enjoy a relaxing night in.

Sensuous Lighting

Those who are already smart-home proficient likely have smart bulbs programmed to change colors or power on/off on command. Use IFTTT to take mood lighting to another level – create an applet which will connect between hue lights / music and turn on your favorite Ashram Spa scent blend. That should make a romantic atmosphere.

Instant Relaxation

Had a hard day at work? Have IFTTT switch on your Moodo when you pull in the driveway to envelop you in the relaxing scents from the Fresh Vibrations collection to help you decompress from the workday.

Movie Night In

Have the Moodo instantly disperse Cozzzy scents when accessing your favorite streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime) for a cuddly night in. Get ready for the holiday season by turning on Moodo’s Xmas Cookies scent during a viewing of Elf.

Surviving the Cold Winter Months

Having trouble facing the snowy outdoors when getting ready to leave for work? Set up an action with IFTTT to switch on the Moodo when your alarm rings. Set up the Beach Party scent pack to trick your mind into thinking you’re waking up to a sunny summer morning. Once you walk out the door, IFTTT will turn off the Moodo for you so you don’t have to.