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Every Way the Moodo Can Enliven Your Holiday Party

By Alex Bracetti

Hosting a holiday party can be just as stressful as shopping for Christmas gifts. Obviously, you want to please every guest, from the cocktails to the music and location. Even after fulfilling these accommodations, you still might want to find other creative ways to liven up the festivities. A device like the Moodo can do the trick with nothing more than the power of scent.

Smells can evoke strong positive feelings, creating an autonomous sensory media response (ASMR), otherwise known as sensory euphoria. This eco-friendly smart diffuser has enough stimulating power to deliver a unique, aromatic party experience. The fact that it works with other smart home devices, voice assistants (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant) and IFTTT commands only enhances its capabilities (e.g. like releasing a scent when playing your holiday Spotify playlist).

Whether dispersing the savory aromas of gingerbread treats or summery notes that spark fantasies of a tropical Christmas, the Moodo will spoil partygoers with the holiday feels they desire. It all depends on the scent.

Here are four of the top Moodo scents you’ll want circulating around the house to galvanize your holiday get-togethers.

Winter Scent

From Christmas trees to gingerbread cookies, this in-season pack captures the comforting presence of the holiday’s best. One minute you’ll have the house smelling of crisp winter coolness, the next will leave hints of burning firewood spreading across the living room.

Cozzzy Scent

Those who love the holidays mostly for the food and drinks can get their fix with this warming scent bundle. Every capsule delivers its own appetizing scent that will keep looking for the comfort food and drinks that the holidays bring. Save the Midnight Thrill capsule for when things get hot and heavy on the dance floor; its special blend of ambrette seeds oil and natural musk is formulated to increase mutual attraction. 

Limited Edition

The wildcard of the bunch, Moodo’s Limited Edition bundle takes one capsule from the brand’s top four scent families to provide aromas for any and every occasion. Set timers throughout the night using the Moodo app (or IFTTT) to release an amalgamation of scents that invigorate the party crowd.

Customize Your Own Scents

Did you know the Moodo lets you mix different scents to produce your own signature fragrance? Customize your own holiday pack and create new memories that your party guests will remember with every whiff they take.

Cubicle Celebrations with the MoodoGo

Working up until Christmas becomes more difficult every year, but your job should never turn you into a Scrooge during the holidays. The all-new MoodoGo could help boost morale, as the portable scent diffuser keeps small spaces smelling fresh and festive at any given time. Those same sensuous vibes can be carried over to your car for the long rides back home.

Once the MoodoGo’s scents make their way around the office, co-workers will start gathering around your cubicle for “cooler talk.” Just make sure they bring a wireless speaker and whatever’s left of the eggnog in the fridge.