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The Moodo Recycling Program: Everything You Need to Know

capsule recycling

By Alex Bracetti

According to a survey conducted by Futerra (via Forbes), nearly 88% of consumers want brands to help them “be more environmentally friendly and ethical” in their daily lives. In an attempt to push users towards a greener path, Moodo is launching its own recycling program that aims to reduce waste by recycling fragrance capsules. The service will be offered free of charge for those who own the Moodo Smart Diffuser and all-new MoodoGo Portable Diffuser.

How does the Moodo Recycling Program work? Does it require much effort? What are the ecological and personal benefits of it? These are questions we’re happy to answer. Learn all the ways you can gain and give back to the environment by looking over this how-to guide.

A Cost-Effective Practice

Moodo charges no extra fee for returning capsules to the recycling center. In fact, the company provides you with a pre-paid shipping label and packaging at zero cost to you. To reduce additional shipments and pollution, Moodo suggests filling each supplied envelope with the maximum number of capsules: 12 to 16, depending on the size. These capsules are then repackaged and sold on the Moodo website. Those who participate in the program will eventually be rewarded with a coupon for a discount on future capsule purchases.

Environmentally Efficient

Several companies sell their waste to a recycling plant. However, this isn’t considered the most efficient method and it does run the risk of plastic and other materials not being recycled at all. Moodo has taken further steps to enhance its recycling process by keeping existing (and returned) capsules and infusing the beads with a new scent. This helps the company reduce the total number of capsules and plastic produced in the process.

Repurpose Serves Purpose

According to experts, it takes up to 1,000 years for plastic waste to decompose in landfills, which slowly melts down and releases harmful methane gas into the air. Instead of sending capsules to the dump, Moodo washes them completely before refilling with a new fragrance. From there, each capsule is repackaged and shipped back to the Moodo warehouse for resale. This creates less waste and worry for the environment.

A Beginner’s Step Towards Environmentalism

Moodo is part of Agan Aroma, an environmentally conscious organization that provides perfumers with affordable, quality fragrance ingredients. By sending in your used capsules, you’re not only doing a service for two companies that are working to better the environment – it’s your ascension towards becoming an environmentalist. Anyone with concerns for protecting and preserving the Earth can use the Moodo Recycling Program as a launching pad for achieving bigger ecological goals.