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How the Moodo Smart Home Diffuser Can Enhance Your Staycation

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By Alex Bracetti

With busy schedules and long workdays, you may find yourself dreaming of running away on an extended vacation. But when taking off to Europe for two weeks isn’t an option, spending the weekend pampering yourself at home is a great wallet-friendly option for self-care. To make the most of your staycation, compliment your at-home spa with aromatherapy from Moodo’s smart diffuser.

Don’t even bother getting up from the couch to turn on the Moodo- it’s the only diffuser available that places aromatic customization directly at your fingertips – creating thousands of scentscapes at different intensities and strengths via Moodo app. It can even be operated through voice commands using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.

Having the power to recreate the sensuous ambience of your dream destinations directly in your in your own home is what makes Moodo a must-have for any staycation. Whether you’re dreaming of that all-inclusive resort in Cancun or a yoga retreat in Bali, Moodo’s scent families will take you there during your staycation. And after you’ve recharged from your weekend of self-care and treating yourself, you can keep using the Moodo to benefit from its aromatherapy.

Get a whiff of Moodo’s popular scent bundles below to see which capsules would complement your weekend of pampering best. Who knows, you might even stumble upon something free for yourself, courtesy of the brand (*Wink*).

 A Scent Pack for Every Travel Scenario

Beach Party

Bundled Scents: Amber Marine, Mondi de Tahiti, Sea Breeze and Sweet Sand

Whether lounging on the white sandy beaches of Barbados or Greece, this summer-inspired pack disperses four stimulating scents that emanate the relaxed, soothing vibes of a tropical getaway. 

Ashram Spa

Bundled Scents: Eucalyptus Nights, Incense Voodoo, Shaman’s Potion and Spice Bouquet

Formulated for adventurists and meditators, these four potent fragrances release the powerful aromas of raw essential oils that heal, invigorate and stabilize the body after long journeys through diverse terrains.

Oriental Delights

Bundled Scents: Divine Rose, Jasmin Sambac, Midnight Thrill and Sandalwood Mahara

For the aspiring backpacker looking to travel their way through Asia, this 4-pack bundle acts as a cultural guide that arouses your senses with some of the continent’s most famous and traditional notes.

Limited Edition

Bundled Scents: Amber Marine, Grandma Vanilla, Jaffa Clementine and Midnight Thrill

This exclusive pack bundles one capsule from different Moodo scent families, gifting travelers with a unique scent for any and every excursion.

Wait, What’s That About Free Samples?

That’s correct. Moodo affords customers the opportunity to test and discover their favorite smells before heading off on their next vacation. You can request a free 4-pack sample with every capsule featuring a unique combination of the four scents that come included in each of the four scent families (Ashram Spa, CozzzyFresh Vibrations, and Mediterranean Dreams). Take advantage of the offer while supplies last.