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2018 HX Hotel Experience: Introducing Moodo for Hotels

Today,at the 2018 HX Hotel Experience show, we presented a smart, fragrance solution, allowing scent control for each room in the hotel directly from the front desk.

With our network of WiFi connected aroma diffusers, hotels can now offer remote scent control for every room, all controlled from the front desk.
Our Moodo Scent Machine is the first smart aroma diffuser that offers fragrance-mixing technology, enabling users to personalize their environment with unmatched flexibility to match any mood. Our smart mixing feature, you can mix up to four scent capsules simultaneously, allowing users, and now hotel guests, to activate a wide variety of preset fragrance options or mix and match to customize their environment.

Hotels will be able to allow guest to control their own scents experience or they can manage the scent experience in every hotel room from s single interface without having to individually manage each room and to schedule specific scents and intensities, set up scent-triggered wake up calls, schedule different scents scheduled by the day time (morning/afternoon/evening..) and to offer personalized options for guests who request more, less, or specific fragrances to aid in relaxation or focus or to create a unique experience

Now with Moodo’s new interface, Hotels can offer their guests with special scents mixes, from a beachfront in Bali to a lavender field in California at the touch of a button..