Moodo starter pack

Transform your environment with Moodo, a smart home scent diffusing device. Moodo lets you control the ambiance in any room using a smartphone app or Amazon Alexa. Try our perfumer-designed presets or mix your own scents.

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Moodo starter pack

Starter pack includes 3 scent families
Battery option available


1 x Moodo box

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Beach Party

Exhilarating déjà vu of past sensations.

The four base fragrances convey that stimulating

and comforting ambiance of pleasures to come.

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Oriental Delights

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The Gardens of Kanazawa

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Provides a warm and comforting feeling of being at home. Feels like spicy dishes, pie and cookies… and a nice drink with your darling. What a treat!

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Fresh Vibrations

Energizing, fresh and dream-like balance between four of nature's finest scents.

Mix them up any way you'd like to create the natural scene you prefer at any given time.

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Ashram Spa

Strong aromas of raw essential oils.

More for seekers of adventures or meditation.

Powerful and focusing.

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Please make sure to pick 3 scent families, type of power adapter and battery option.

**Device without battery - ships within 5 days**
**Device with battery - ships within 20 days**

how it works

Moodo device pack contains: fragrance dispenser system (with/without battery), EU/US power adapter, an inspiring selection of fragrance capsules (three scent families), mobile app and connectivity via Wi-Fi. Moodo uses fans with adjustable speeds to diffuse scents throughout a 600-sqft room without any wax, aerosol residue or mess to clean up. Change the intensity of any capsule, use the app’s fragrance dials to create your own scent or ask Alexa to adjust the scents for you.


Moodo is an entirely new take on personalizing your environment. It's not just a step up or an extra feature - it's a new way to understand, interact with and think of smell. Mix and save custom scent variations, use the shuffle feature to switch between presets, share with friends and set timers to diffuse different scents throughout the day. Moodo’s app is available for free download on iOS, Android or Amazon Alexa.

Control your Moodo with our mobile app
Smart home integration
Have fun mixing fragrances
Fragrance presets are created by leading perfumiers
Shuffle between presets