the smart aroma diffuser

The only diffuser that allows you to customize scents according to your taste, mood and lifestyle.

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Moodo® fragrance capsules

Choose from Moodo’s variety of high-quality fragrance capsules, have fun mixing and creating your own scents or choose from our perfumers’ preset mixing options!


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subscribe and get 10% OFF your first purchase

subscribe and get 10% OFF your first purchase

subscribe and get 10% OFF your first purchase

Moodo hotel solution

100% fragrance control. From the front desk, in every room. The ideal solution for managing room scent and ambiance.


about us

Moodo is brought to you by Agan Aroma, a global leader in production of quality fragrance products for over forty years. Our passion is in combining traditional world-class fragrance creation and production, with cutting-edge fragrance personalization and smart connectivity technologies, to develop the world’s next generation aroma diffusing technology.