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Sea Breeze

Recreation of the vibrant scents we sense while on the deck of a boat travelling the seas.On the beach they reach our nose and mind…and we yearn to go again! Top notes – Ozone, light, fresh. Middle notes – Amber, sea-weed. Dry down – Sea algae.
Designed for use with MoodoGo device.

Grandma Vanilla

A succulent vanilla fragrance, reminding us of appetizing cakes and cookies prepared according to the traditional recipes. Top notes – Vanilla ingredients. Middle notes – vanilla specialties. Dry down – Vanilla absolute.
Designed for use with MoodoGo device.

Orange Sunrise

Corresponds to refreshing, invigorating and relaxing fruit cocktail, which we like to drink once back at home after a hard day of work…. Top notes – Orange, grapefruit and lime. Middle notes – Pineapple juice and apricot nectar. Dry down – Wild berries jelly.
Designed for use with MoodoGo device.

Wood Royale

Exotic wood, a bit masculine, completed with a touch of patchouli and revitalizing notes of bergamot and sage. Top notes – Clary sage oil, bergamot oil Messina. Middle notes – Iris notes, vetiver oil Haiti. Dry down – Patchouli oil, ambergris notes.
Designed for use with MoodoGo device.

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