Neroli Citrus


Wonderful scents of orange flowers, so opulent and so suave, budding on top of orange oil blends. The scent vibrates and  breaths as it evaporates, thanks to the beautiful contribution of white musk and vanilla beans. Top notes – Harmony of sweet and bitter orange oils, blended with the unique orange flower oil, the Neroli

Each Singles fragrance pack contains 4 capsules of one type. Combine them together with your existing capsules to create new families - Or  enjoy using your favorite singular fragrance. For more details, please check out our FAQ
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product features

  • 4 capsules per pack
  • capsules last for up to 60 hours of use at maximum volume
  • the capsules are filled with scent-infused beads, and don’t require any manual mixing or pouring
  • designed to be used only with Moodo device
  • store in a dry and cool place