Moodo AIR bundle

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moodoAIR is a 2 in 1 air purifier AND aroma diffuser. Smart and easy for use, controlled by our app, connects to Alexa, google assistant, IFTTT and more. Scents are diffused by our dry air diffusion technology, without any fire or alcohol making moodo safe and easy to use. For more details, please check out our FAQ
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Air Capsule

Three-layered filter. True HEPA, activated carbon
crystals and carbon foam. To keep
the air you breathe fresh and clean

Fragrance capsules

Moodo offers a selection of 32 fantastic scents,
sold in theme families of 4 capsules such as
Aromatherapy and Beach Party, or as individuals

Our mobile app fully controls
and integrates with the leading
smart home platforms

People are saying

Great and high quality product

This Aroma Diffuser is the best I've ever seen. Very user friendly and easy to operate! Suggested to all my family and friends!


Was skeptical initially, amazing piece of Art on the coffee table. Or anywhere

Great Scent!

This is an ideal way to freshen up your home

Better than I imagined

This product is awesome! scents are great and you have a timer for auto on/off you can set. You can wake up to yummy scents


I purchased the Moodo and I absolutely love these pods. The smell is strong but not too overwhelming. Definitely recommend trying.

Truly unique fragrances, works amazingly well!!

I've had my Moodo for about a year now and absolutely LOVE it!! The most immediately noticeable difference with Moodo is that the fragrances are absolutely unique.