Lawnscape is the first fragrance pack designed for pets !

A grass scent reminds our 4 legged friends of the great outdoors

scientifically proven to alleviate stress and ease separation anxiety

Keep your dog calm while you are away or at times of mild stress to your dog.

link to the study

moodo is a smart aroma diffuser that innovates scent diffusen

Moodo is a fragrance diffusion machine that holds 4 scent capsules at the top electrically powered, it diffuses the scent for up to 600 sqft, controlled by app, smart home platforms and more

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The smart features

Sync your Moodo to wifi to get …

  • Full remote control of the device from anywhere! you can turn it on from your office

  • Connect it to our app

  • Connect it to smart home platforms – Alexa, Siri, IFTTT, Google Assistant, Smart Things and more…

  • Automatic scheduling

Already have a smart home and a camera in place? Connect it to your Moodo

Get Moodo $99