Father’s Day is right around the corner

We salute the fathers who dare and break the stereotype.
One can build a house with his own two hands, yet help his baby daughter with her braids.
One can work hard and change the tire, yet pick a nice dress for his wife.
And one can have a favorite scotch – but also a favorite fragrance for the house.

Our ultimate Father’s Day gift pack covers everything you need!

1 Moodo smart-home aroma diffuser with rechargeable battery
12 capsules of 3 fresh and energizing scents perfect for your dearest dad. Included scents – Citrus Fresh, Midnight Thrill and Wood Royal

1 MoodoGo device – plug & play, perfect for any car or office
1 MoodoGo fragrance capsule, with it you will make any space your own

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Alternatively, pick up a Moodo diffuser with all the smart features

1 Moodo smart-home aroma diffuser (AC powered, without a battery)

4 Fragrance capsules for Moodo – Orange Sunrise

With wi-fi connectivity & multiple smart features – Moodo makes it easy to match the scent in your schedule and lifestyle.

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