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Introducing Samples Packs: Get a Free Taste of Moodo’s Scents!

moodo sample scents box

We are happy to introduce a new limited-edition sample pack containing fragrances from 4 of our most popular scent families. Together, they consist of 16 different flavors that will expose you to endless scented possibilities.

Considering buying a new Moodo and still not sure? Already have a Moodo and curious to try new scents capsules before buying?

Our sample pack is a great way to familiarize yourself with some of our fragrances. In it, you will find four capsules that represent blends of Moodo fragrances. Trying is very simple.. Just pick up the capsules and try the scent. You can then order your favorite scent family pack with your Moodo.

Following multiple requests from Moodo’s community members and followers, we decided to help you stop imagining and start indulging. With Moodo’s sample pack you can decide which atmosphere is ideal for your home and mood. Each Sample pack contains the following scent families 4 scent families: cozzzy, fresh vibrations, Mediterranean dreams and ashram spa

Now you get to discover our scents and get to know Moodo’s fragrances for free! With Moodo’s sample pack you can stop wondering and experience our high-quality fragrances.

Hurry up, this sample pack is limited edition and will not last long…

To enjoy this free perk simply order the sample pack and place the order and it will make its way to you.

*In order for you to receive a free sample pack, you are must have a Moodo account and to be signed up to our newsletter.
*Sample pack can be ordered one time per customer.
Order Free sample pack

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